Our Story

Silvertips was born from the desire to create beautiful, handcrafted silver fingerprint jewellery, which we have now been making since 2009. It's lovely to meet you - and we'd like to tell you how it all began.

We are Tim and Anna, a married couple with two beautiful (and ever-growing) girls, two cats and a great big Labrador who is the canine equivalent of the BFG. Whilst we won't tell you our whole story, we were childhood sweethearts, first meeting at college. A few years down the line two became three with the arrival of our first little girl, Bethan, and two years later our family was complete with the arrival of our second daughter, Mia. It was when the girls were still quite tiny that we began to ponder the idea of running our own business.

Design and style has always been at the forefront of our lives together. Tim is a professional jeweller with almost thirty years' experience, having trained at the Sir John Cass Faculty of Art, Architecture and Design before going on to design and make his own jewellery. Anna meanwhile, immersed herself in a world of silk and lace, studying for a degree at the London College of Fashion before setting up her own business designing bespoke bridal wear.

It had always been a dream of ours to run a business together, and we realised that there was a real gap in the market for a specialist silver jewellery showroom. After years of planning, dreaming and lots of sums, we finally took the leap back in 2005 and opened our very own shop, Equinox Silver. With Tim's expertise and Anna's eye for classic design, we spent seven happy years sourcing beautiful silver jewellery from exciting British designers and helping our customers fall in love with their perfect piece.

Whilst running Equinox we realised that people were looking for something a little different and extra special - fingerprint jewellery. Tim began to experiment and, with his silversmith skill (combined with two willing imprint guinea-pigs to practice on in our daughters) he perfected our technique for professional hand and footprint jewellery of the highest quality.  Silvertips was born. We've now been helping to capture precious moments in silver for almost five years, from baby handprint pendants to paw print cufflinks - and we feel the adventure is only just beginning.

To find out more about the magic behind Silvertips, have a read here.

For stunning silver jewellery from the pick of talented British designers, please take a trip to Equinox Silver's website.