Some 'Frequently Asked Questions', if these don't answer your query just give Tim or Anna a call on 01252 626355 or email


How do I look after my Silvertips fingerprint jewellery?
All silver jewellery will tarnish over time. This process is natural but some substances will speed up tarnishing, perfume, soap, hairspray, sun tan lotion and even natural oils from our bodies (Especially in warm weather.) can tarnish silver quicker.
 All jewellery is delicate and susceptible to damage and scratching. Solid pure silver is a relatively soft metal and we recommend that you remove your jewellery (especially bangles and charm bracelets) when doing manual work such as housework or gardening. To maintain the original condition of your silver jewellery, polish your pieces regularly using a non-abrasive cleaning cloth. Avoid using commercial silver dips as they may remove the antiquing finish. Regularly check all fittings for wear and tear. When not in use store your jewellery carefully and separately.

 How long will my order take? All our jewellery is handmade and takes a considerable amount of time to create, due to the workshop being very busy we, estimate that an order will take on average 4 weeks from when we receive the fingerprint impressions. Please check our last order dates for Christmas, Mothers Day and Fathers Day which are posted on the homepage.

 How old does my child have to be to have their fingerprint taken? Any child of any age can have their fingerprint impression taken, but bare in mind the fact that young babies do not always have fully developed fingerprints, we recommend you wait until they are 12months+.

A beautiful impression can be taken on any child of any age using our hand or foot print impressions kit, our youngest baby so far was just 5 days old and the end result was perfect!

Is the impression kit easy to use? Yes the kit is very simple and only takes a few minutes of your time, we enclose detailed instructions with the kits and you can also see a tutorial on the Ordering page of our website. 

I have lost a loved one and would like a precious keepsake in memory of them. Is this possible? Yes, of course. Fingerprint jewellery can play a very small part in keeping lost loves close to your heart at times of grief and darkness. We do have a lot of experience in helping to capture the memory of one who has passed away, and we can talk to you at any time to explain what we can do to create your piece of jewellery. Silvertips pieces can be created for loved ones who are no longer with us, babies born sleeping or beloved pets. Please do call us on 01252 626355 and we'll be here to talk to you.

 Can I have a print put on both sides of my fingerprint jewellery? No I'm afraid we can't, as the prints are pushed deep into the silver one side would distort the other.

I live outside the UK can I still order from you? Yes of course you can, we have sent out jewellery to the USA, France, Germany, Spain, Australia in the past, once you have placed an order, we will be in touch to arrange an extra payment of £15.00 to cover the extra delivery costs of the impression kits and the finished jewellery. 

Can I put a special date or a message on the reverse of my jewellery? Of Course we can fit up to 13 characters on most of our jewellery (More on the key ring), we charge £6.00 for this service. 

I love my Silvertips jewellery can you re use the existing impressions? Yes, we can re use them as many times as you would like! We hold customers impressions for up to 2 years. Give us a call to arrange your order 01252 626355.  

Is all your fingerprint jewellery made by hand? Yes, every single item of fingerprint jewellery or Hand/Foot print jewellery is made from start to finish in our dedicated jewellery workshop by Tim who has been making and designing jewellery for the last 26 years! All our lettering is again done by hand, by the amazing Paddy who previously worked as a children's book illustrator!

Is Silvertips  jewellery hallmarked? Most of our items are not required to be hallmarked as they fall within the exemption weight set by the Hallmarking Agency. To keep our prices as low as possible we do not hallmark exempt jewellery. However if you would like an item hallmarked, just let us know. There is a charge of £20 for this service plus postage and the lead time of your order will increase by a further 14 days.